Simplify and Elevate Your Life:
Organizing, Decluttering, and Beyond

Ready to experience the difference a caring touch and a wealth of skills can make in your life?


When it comes to helping seniors with the small stuff that makes a big difference, our team is a unique blend of caregivers who go above and beyond, bringing their diverse skills to make your life easier.

Declutter & Organize

Meet our caregiving experts who are also organization aficionados.
They'll roll up their sleeves and create a cozy and organized living space that feels just right.

Bill Management

Our caregiving team includes individuals who've had careers as accountants and brokers.
They'll bring their financial know-how to the table, making sure your bills are sorted, tracked, and managed with precision.

Prepare for Donation

Our compassionate caregivers-turned-donation specialists have a knack for making a positive impact. They'll help you prepare items for donation, ensuring your generosity touches the hearts of those in need.

Affordable Pricing

Our flat rate is $50 per hour (two-hour minimum), making our service accessible and cost-effective for seniors.

Experience the difference that a caring companion can make

The presence of a set driver is meant to provide you with not just transportation but also a supportive and caring companion throughout your cancer journey. They are here to alleviate your worries, offer emotional support, and ensure a smoother experience as you navigate your appointments and treatments.



Tell us about the care you need.


We select up to 3 screened and vetted caregivers, who match your request the best.


Our primary focus is to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that you receive the care and support you need to thrive.

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