Reliable On-Demand Ride Service for Seniors

Safe, Convenient, and Affordable Transportation Solution

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Our on-demand ride service is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of older adults, providing you with safe, friendly transportation solutions

Flexible Service

Our rides are not limited to medical appointments. Whether you need to go shopping, attend social events, or visit friends, our reliable drivers are here to assist you.

Convenient Scheduling

With a simple phone call, you can book your ride in advance or request one on short notice.

Two-Hour Minimum

We offer a minimum booking duration of two hours to provide ample time for your errands or outings.

Affordable Pricing

Our flat rate is $35 per hour, making our service accessible and cost-effective for seniors.

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Experience the difference that a caring companion can make

The presence of a set driver is meant to provide you with not just transportation but also a supportive and caring companion throughout your cancer journey. They are here to alleviate your worries, offer emotional support, and ensure a smoother experience as you navigate your appointments and treatments.



Tell us about the care you need.


We select up to 3 screened and vetted caregivers, who match your request the best.


Our primary focus is to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that you receive the care and support you need to thrive.

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